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My Dibble Line
The Johnson's Island Autograph Book Of Lt. Samuel Dibble

Because I have received inquiries concerning my Dibble lineage, I have decided to set forth below the information which I have about my direct family line. If you can assist me with any dates, names, etc., I would greatly appreciate it.

Samuel, Mary Louis, and Frances Agnes Dibble.
Samuel, Mary Louis, and Frances Agnes Dibble.

Thomas Dibble (Taunton, England; sailed to America on the "Mary and John" in 1630; landed at Dorchester, Mass., but eventually settled in Windsor, Conn.; d. 1700)

Ebenezer Dibble (b. 1641, Windsor, Conn.; d. 1675)

Wakefield Dibble (b. 1664, Windsor, Conn.; d. between 1733 and 1742)

John Dibble (b. 1708, Danbury, Conn.; d. 1790)

Samuel Dibble (b. 1742, Danbury, Conn.; d. 1821)

Samuel Dibble (b. 1769, Danbury, Conn.; d. 1860)

Philander Virgil Dibble (b. 1808, Danbury, Conn.; d. 1883)

Samuel Dibble (b. 1837, Charleston, SC: d. 1913)

Frances Agnes Dibble Moss (b. 1866, Orangeburg, SC; d. 1941)

Samuel Dibble Moss (b. 1894, Orangeburg, SC; d. 1965)

Caroline Moss Emanuel (b. 1928, Orangeburg, SC)

Anthony Moss (Tony) Emanuel (b. 1963, Lancaster, SC)